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The following Psychic Art portraits were drawn by Jane for the production by Brian Yates ĎA Psychic Night Outí in April 2012.  More psychic art portraits were recognised and handed out by Jane during the show.  These were just six of many drawn and handed out.

one   two

woman4  Picture1

woman3  Ethel1

This amazing psychic art portrait (above right) was drawn in minutes but was recognised instantly by her grand daughter in the show.  This spirit gave me some information as I was drawing her. Her name was Ethel and she had two sisters one called Mary and the other Betty. This information was confirmed by her grand daughter who was sitting in the audience.

jane310If you would like a psychic, aura, past life, relationship or mediumship reading from Jane please telephone Free phone: 08000 670 335 to speak to the support managers to arrange a mutual agreeable appointment. Please ask for Jane McCarthy (Pin Number 2510)

FREE PHONE 08000 670 335

angel0214The psychic readers are gentle, caring people with years of experience who use their special gifts. Some are qualified psychic mediums who work in the Spiritualist Churches giving messages from loved ones who have passed over. Psychic Readings UK offers psychic readings by credit/Debit card (all major cards accepted) Our credit card/debit card team are available 24 hours to take your booking. They will arrange the best available psychic reader or psychic medium you have chosen to phone you back on your landline or mobile Calls cost £1.50 per minute - Psychic Readings UK

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