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headorb02Telepathy is described as communication directly from one mind to another without use of any of the known senses.


Today, through the phenomenon of orb paranormal photography, photographs can be taken of something you cannot see with the naked eye. The orb photograph (above) is a close up of an orb on the top of a ladyís head.  This orb photograph was taken during a workshop in Bridgend, South Wales. Can you see the crouching figures inside? Although, this orb was not seen with the naked eye at the time when the photograph was taken many people saw orbs during the workshop.

How many times do you think of someone and then they telephone you or arrive at the door? The more we raise our vibration the more you are able to use and see this form of telepathy.

blueorbOrbs do not necessarily have to be spiritual ie spirit, dimensions or physical such as bits of dust, rain, snow etc. However, some I believe are doorways by which messages come. To the left is a blown up orb and you can clearly see the figures inside. 

ORB2Left, is another example of a close up orb and you can clearly see the face inside. This orb photograph was taken during a family celebration.

Over the years, I have been seeing thought forms make a circular pattern. If you think one kind thought of someone and this can be seen physically as a little blob of energy in a circular pattern as shown below.

circles2That little blob of energy is directed to the person and the kind thought the soul knows. This is a message. However, what if a photograph was taken of the person as they are receiving that message. Would it come on the photograph as an orb?

jane105To prove the above to me another learning curve. In past years, I was a Claims Manager in insurance and I used to visit clients. One particular lady I had been speaking to for over two years. We got on remarkably well, so well, that the Account Director took me to meet her to discuss the claims situation. When I entered the room I was amazed all around her were little white circular lights. I was fascinated. I knew that this lady was aware and that I was receiving a learning curve but not sure what at the time. All of a sudden, there was one little black one trying to get through and no matter how hard it tried the little white ones fought it away from her head.

I was not sure what I was seeing but if you took a photograph of her at that time you may have seen many orbs around her. I truly believe now that the little black orb was a negative thought or message about our visit. Above is a paranormal photograph of Jane during a clairvoyant demonstration with an orb in her hands.

So orbs can be all kinds of things not just one particular thing. I hope that these pages open your mind to realize that this universe is amazing. True life is stranger than fiction.

I have been seeing these circular patterns on people for over twenty years now and it is only now that I can understand what it means. Every thought, word and deed creates energy whether good, bad or indifferent. What I am seeing is the energy pattern. The circular pattern is the end of the small tunnel going from the thought producer to the thought receiver. Could this possibly be telepathy?

I truly believe that I use this form of telepathy when undertaking my readings. In relationship readings - I do not judge. However, I see the round patterns the night before I undertake readings. You, as a thought producer may tell me by using this form of telepathy your situation prior to the reading. I understand your position by being the thought receiver.

How can I help you if I only know your side of the story. I also receive, by telepathy, your partnerís position too in order that the full story can be seen.

As already stated, I do not judge but you now can. By understanding what your partner wants you can judge. I truly believe that this form of telepathy helps you via a third person, the psychic reader, to come to a decision on the relationship. A lot of relationship problems stem from not understanding what you both want. This is a perfect solution to understanding the problem. You may not be aware that telepathy has been used.

I believe that telepathy is a form of communication using thought forms through our energy system or aura.

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