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tarot03I was brought up to go to church every Sunday and that everything connected to the occult was considered evil. However, I was drawn more and more to the tarot and in my twenties realised that it was a way in which to connect with the messages from the sub conscious. These message may have come from lots of different sources. They may have come from the spirit of those in your family that are passed who naturally want to help you or from spirit guides who have been sent to assist you because they have already been through the same situation and can help better than most.

Therefore, I decided to get myself a pack of tarot cards and as I was spiritual was drawn to a spiritual pack. I underwent a learning curve on each and every card which took years. Sometimes I meditated to be shown the meaning of one card. On one occasion, I was told to read a book on the tarot for the meaning of just one card and this book was written by a priest! It was a long process but one worth entertaining as each card now has a memory of the learning curve and therefore I understand where somebody is in life as they may be going through the same learning curve. I have come to look at the tarot cards as a tool to assist in readings. The best type of reading is one where all the senses are used. I tune into people more quickly via the aura system but also can use the tarot cards as an extra tool to assist in the reading.

However, I truly believe that all psychic readers are used by spirit whether they are aware of it or not. These spirit messages sometimes come whilst I am reading for a person and I see their wonderful forms come forward as I am talking. Spirit are wonderful with the future as they open the doors for me to see a glimpse of what will happen for a person if they carry on the same pathway. Remember, we can influence the future ourselves as we have free will to change anything.

I now have many packs of tarot cards and some I have acquired by coincidence which is the best way.

angel0209However, I am a fan of Doreen Virtue as I love working with angels and the tarot cards in the picture at the top are from her tarot pack entitled ’Healing with the Angels.’ I would prefer to use tarot cards that have no written meaning as learning each card gives me a clearer view of what is meant. In addition, I love working with the angels as it is a far more positive reading as they want you to succeed.

God bless, Jane McCarthy

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