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In some of my clairvoyant demonstrations my husband, Chris, takes photographs.  Some of these photographs are amazing as spirit have appeared in them.  Underneath is a paranormal photograph showing a white orb on the face of a lady.

glass1Please note that the lady in black is sitting next to the lady in white. When you go in closer into the white orb you can see a lady just by the side of it. This lady has curly hair and it looks like it could be a ginger colour. The close up is below and perhaps if you look carefully you can see the baby too. The close up has been cleaned up to show the face more clearly.

orb61This paranormal photograph was taken in a clairvoyant demonstration in Caerphilly, South Wales and the mediums included Jane McCarthy, Pam Pitten and Mike Davies.  Many paranormal photographs were taken that night.

ChurchorbThis paranormal photograph was taken outside Treforest Spiritualist Church and shows another orb. This orb photograph was blown up and the close up of the orb is shown below.  Orbs are doorways which can be in time or dimensional.

TreforestorbThere clearly seems to be a figure inside.  The following paranormal photograph is one that really stands out. Chris was filming me using a video camera and I stated on film that spirit was coming in by the side of the church. The photograph was taken in Cardiff Bay, South wales and shows the side of the Norwegian Church.

norwegian1I took the paranormal photograph as Chris filmed me.  There was nothing behind the church except the street lighting. However, what interested us was the little square inside the third orb. The light above is the street light. Orbs can travel anywhere and in this photograph it has captured the trail. We have taken many orb photographs with trails. I blew up the photograph and was amazed to see the figures appearing in the little square.

figures2If you can imagine that the floor is shiny it reflects others inside.  To read about spirit and orb photography please go to the main website.  The main website shows the bigger photograph of the one above. if you click on the link at the bottom of the page it will take you to it.

DSCN0433This paranormal photograph was taken in our local park just as the light was fading.  You can clearly see an orb in the tree.  When I blew up this photograph and cleaned up the image inside the orb again another amazing paranormal photograph.

angel1You can see a photograph of a girl inside and remember that the branch is behind the image. You can also see the blonde hair outline.  Another paranormal photograph has been taken of this tree showing an orb in the bottom branches.

treeface5A close up of that orb shows a head.  Can you see it?  This tree is approximately 800 years old and used to be used as a hanging tree. Chris and I have captured many paranormal photographs in this park which used to be a battle site.

psychicinveban04To see more about spirit and orb photography go to the main site (right).

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Paranormal photographs copyright Chris McCarthy

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