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Spirit Orbs

The strange circles that we can see on some of our photographs are called ’orbs.’ I see these orbs in all shapes, sizes and colours moving around us all the time and have done so for years.

oddgardenI have been taking orb photographs for approximately 15 years now and they can appear in photographs taken in the night time or in broad daylight. They seem to be the end of a tunnel and I consider these as  doorways. These doorways open for spirit, spirit guides, angels to come and visit us. Some of these doorways can be dimensional or even in time.  The orb photograph above shows a large orange orb.  This orb photograph was taken in our back garden in the evening.  To judge the size of the orb you can see a hydrangea bush to the right hand side.

nightgarden1The next photo taken seconds later still shows one or two little orbs which can be clearly seen in the first orb photograph but the large orange orb has now disappeared.

orb3bBy looking more closely into the spirit orbs sometimes there does appear to be faces. I undertake church services, demonstrations and workshops and photographs are taken during these sessions and shown on a laptop afterwards with amazing results. The orb photograph above taken in one of my psychic investigations clearly shows faces.

jane104In the paranormal orb photograph shown (left) which was taken at a clairvoyant service. You can clearly see the orb in my hands.  I have noted that the spirit orbs are attracted to the medium during these clairvoyant demonstrations.  I believe that is how the medium is getting the message from spirit. On my psychic investigations, I have also captured orbs on video camera where small pin points of light are moving very fast.  Some paranormal videos show larger orbs moving more slowly. Go to my website paranormal videos to see these videos:- button202

Another paranormal video shows a bright light opening up like a dimension with orbs coming out of it. So I feel that some of these doorways can be dimensional and the larger ones maybe even cosmic.

To see more photographs of orbs please watch the short film.

PICTURE3On one psychic investigation in Cardiff, South Wales this photograph was taken in a back garden  at the site of paranormal disturbances. Note the church at the end of the garden.

elyorbs2The next orb photograph was taken seconds later and now shows hundreds of orbs approaching. The sky was clear as you can see from the above photograph and not a cloud in the sky.  Below are blown up photographs of some of those orbs. It turns out that this was the site of a large battle.

orb24       Picture2702

Note that not all orb photographs are necessarily paranormal photographs as some could be pollen, bits of dust, rain or moisture in the air. However, more and more people are seeing the little spirit lights and these captured on still photography look like orbs. To read more about spirit orbs and to see more paranormal orb photographs please go to:-


Finally, this paranormal photograph was taken during The Probe Conference in March 2011 and shows orbs during Jane’s talk.


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