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I have been asked to write this as many people have the wrong idea about soul mates. Soul mates have been mother, brother, father, sister, daughter and son in previous lives and belong to the same soul group. Therefore, soul mates do not necessarily marry but when they meet it is electric. It can be like a deja vu experience, an illusion of remembering someone familiar even though you have never met them before. Soul mates tend to get on very well usually straight away and it is like they have known each other for a long time. The bond is formed quickly.

th_121_big03However, soul mates don’t necessarily marry each other as sometimes they have met for a reason. This reason may be issues with each other from past lives. If you have had many life times with one person in many different kinds of situations you may have acquired a karmic debt or credit with them. For example, if you died in one lifetime because your partner was piloting a plane and the plane crashed. The next life time you may have a fear of flying. How many of you have this fear for no reason? You meet the soul mate that caused that crash and this lifetime he may have come back to help you overcome this fear. Skills that you learn in past lives are not lost and are seen as talents in the future ie he may be a pilot this lifetime. (Psychic Readings UK)

The Story of Julie (true story)

Julie was regressed a few years ago and went into a past life that was over a hundred years ago. She talked about seeing her room and the fact that she was in the centre of the room. Julie stated that these were definitely her belongings as she recognised them. Her books, her piano just her room. Definitely her room and had memories of playing that particular piano. Julie couldn’t understand why she was in the centre of the room and when she lifted up her arm all she saw was colour.  It fascinated her. She lifted up her arm several times and relayed on the different colours that moved when her arm moved.

All of a sudden it dawned on her. She was lying in a coffin - her coffin! She was dead but she was not and it was such a strange experience.

After Julie was brought back she remembered everything but the weird thing is in this lifetime she plays the piano. I truly believe that anything we learn in any lifetime is not wasted and those ‘talents’ we have this lifetime may be result of a learning curve in another. Nothing is wasted.

When you meet a soul mate it is not like a usual relationship because it can be very intense. If there is anything wrong with you and you call for help, a signal goes out to the soul group to all soul members around you who may be in the physical or in spirit. I have a soul mate who I have known for twenty six years and is married to a friend of mine. If there is anything wrong with me I have noticed, through the years, he is either on the doorstep or on the telephone straight away to see if I am all right. However, I could never be married to him. I also seem to know if anything is wrong with him - it is a two way system.

th_32_big02If you do ask for a soul mate in your prayers then soul mates who are part of your soul group will pick this up. A relationship with a soul mate can be very hard because they are constantly on your mind. If the relationship does not work and maybe this lifetime it was not meant to, the break up is far worse as you will ‘mirror’ each other. To mirror one another is to pick up on the feelings of your partner whether it is telepathically, through dreams or any other way. Therefore, you will constantly think of them when they think of you and visa versa. I can only go by experience and I know that this can last years as messages via the soul group both of you will pick up.

th_74_bigTherefore, if you are searching for the perfect partner for you do not ask for a soul mate but ask for someone for you this lifetime. Soul mates come into your life all through your life as they tend to come in when needed.

To break the bond of a soul mate is very hard once established. The best way is to ask your God and angels or whoever you believe in to break this bond so you can look at it again once you pass over. Remember, you may have come together to forgive and sort out a situation from a past life.

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