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How can you truly love anyone until you love yourself.

chrisjaneRelationship readings are my favourite and I must have undertaken thousands of these types of readings. I don’t think anything will now surprise me but you never know. One of the main problems is communication. Perhaps, one side is in the wrong and doesn’t want to listen and runs away. No one likes to admit they are wrong and it is easier to bury your head in the sand rather than face a situation. However, I have learnt - no one is perfect and I do not judge as there by the grace of God go I.


If you feel that your partner is not listening to you or selective listening that is listens to what he or she wants to hear then - STOP.

I have noticed that when this happens one of two things can happen 1) one partner strops out 2) tempers are raised and things are said that are not meant so please - STOP.

The best solution to the problem is to write things down in a letter. I have said this to many and it does work. There is no need to have a go at the partner in the letter just write down how you feel and ask for a letter in return of how they feel.

Make sure that every word is positive and counts. Most relationship problems are caused by miscommunication

For Example

In a recent reading a young lady was convinced her partner was having an affair. He was always looking at women and there were constant rows on the subject and they were close to breaking up. Anyone listening to this young lady would have agreed with her. However, I work with the aura system - please see page ‘Aura Readings’ - and once I have tuned into her aura I can see the past and present.

I could see that this young lady had a previous broken heart from someone who hurt her very badly by betraying her with another woman. Once I have tuned into someone I can usually get the close aura of others around them such as their partners and any potential old or new partners. These auras are usually romantically linked. There were two auras so this was a decision making time and I could see that she was close to walking away.

Once tuned into her partner I could also see the upset that he was hiding. He knew how she felt and he did not understand and was getting more and more annoyed. If he looked at a pair of boots another girl was wearing he would be accused of looking at the girl’s legs.  All he was thinking that the boots would look good on his girl. In his opinion, he could not win. He had not done anything wrong but felt he would not carry on this relationship as she was pushing him away by the constant accusations.

I asked her to write him a letter as it was in my eyes a ‘make or break’ situation.  In this letter, I told her to ask him for help.  She wrote how she was betrayed before in a relationship and was feeling very insure when he looked at other women.  Also, that it is her problem but could he come with her to a relationship counsellor to help her get over the problem.  Finally, I also asked that she reassures her partner on how she feels about him.

It worked.

swans02The reason why it worked is because when someone receives a positive letter they can read it and read it until like an electric light bulb it goes off in the head - Ah! that is what he or she means because they have had time to digest the letter. In addition, make sure there is not one negative word about your partner for them to mull over.

Never go to bed on an argument.

Decision making

I could write a book about relationships but when two people are growing apart it is easy for another person to get involved. This is the time when people do have affairs. Please no one is perfect and if you have an affair find out the reason why. Guilt is a terrible feeling which can ruin lives. I repeat no one is perfect. However, if anyone is trying to come to terms with a relationship and make major decisions try another simple solution.

Before going to bed ask whoever you believe in your God or Angels to help you with a little exercise.

On one side of a piece of paper write all the good points about your partner and the reasons why you should stay with him or her.

On the other side write down all the bad points of your partner and the reasons why you should leave and how would you feel without him or her.

Sleep on it. In the morning have a look at what you have said - the answer should stare out at you.

Releasing old energies in the heart

th_92_bigOne way of releasing old energies in the heart chakra is the crystal, Rose Quartz. They make lovely jewellery today out of rose quartz. Rose quartz brings in three qualities that are so badly needed; self love; self confidence; self worth. It also releases old energies in the heart chakra enabling you to move forward. Remember, by forgiving someone for their wrong thought, words and deeds towards you, helps you to be forgiven for your wrongdoing.

The deeds of today create the joys and sorrows of tomorrow

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