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I work psychically by tuning into a person via the aura system. The aura is around the body and it is like a blue print of the person showing the past and present. If you can imagine that there are two parts to you - one is physical and one is spiritual.

The physical has a DNA record of who you are. In addition, your surname is relative to your physical side, for example, if there was a blacksmith in the family in the past he would have been called ‘Smithy.’ Through time this has changed to Smith.

Spiritually, your record is in your aura which is energy. This is your energy code of who you are. In the aura is a record of your past lives. In the present the aura shows a record of what you have come back this lifetime to do. The spiritual side of your name is your ‘christian names’ and these names usually follow in families. 

judy1Spirit have given me many examples of this fact.  One story is about ‘Judy’ our rescue dog from the local dogs home.  The Dogs Trust in Bridgend take their rehoming work very seriously and visit every intended home for their animals.   My husband and I visited this Trust with every intention of rehoming a little dog.  I explained our circumstances and what type of dog we wanted.  A beautiful little puppy, the runt of the litter, was presented to me. She was so tiny and only five weeks old. They arranged a visit within the next week.  On the way home I was so disappointed that we could not have her sooner but we wondered what to call her.

Judy2All of a sudden a voice said in my ear:-

Her name is ‘Judy.’  After all the ‘red tape’ Judy came home and took to her name straight away even though the Trust had called her ‘minty.’ Above are photographs of Judy.

Psychic Readings mean undertaking the readings with all your senses which include aura analysis, intuition and also tarot. However, I believe that spirit also help with this type of psychic reading by giving little messages whether the psychic reader is aware or not.

th_40_big03Finally, I truly believe that I could not work without God. I ask that He uses me as a channel of His love and peace every day I work undertaking psychic readings

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angel0214The psychic readers are gentle, caring people with years of experience who use their special gifts. Some are qualified psychic mediums who work in the Spiritualist Churches giving messages from loved ones who have passed over. Psychic Readings UK offers psychic readings by credit/Debit card (all major cards accepted) Our credit card team are available 24 hours to take your booking. They will arrange the best available psychic reader or psychic medium you have chosen to phone you back on your landline or mobile Calls cost £1.50 per minute - Psychic Readings UK

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