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Psychic Art & Psychic Art Portraits

This page will contain psychic art portraits along with a little description from the spirit drawn. If you recognise a portrait please contact me at Your answers will appear with the portrait along with their message for you. This page is for you and given freely, God bless Jane McCarthy

artwork1The psychic art portrait (left) is of a man that passed to spirit due to cancer.  He told me that he fought to stay but suffered for six years with this terrible disease. He had one daughter and two sons. Family names include:- Percy, William, Charles and John.  His daughter was married and he had two grandchildren. His daughter is either pregnant or was pregnant around the time of his death. Another family name was Julie.

The surname Thomas is relevant to the family and he lived around Wiltshire for many happy years. This gentleman worked in and around London and wore a uniform at one stage - a policeman’s uniform.  His message reads as follows:-

‘Yes, I did turn the lights off and yes, the lights flickering is me - you did ask.  I am around the grandchildren and I have the dog with me.  (The dog is a collie but not sure of the name either Jess or Bess.)

I can see what you are worried about and I know what is on your mind. Although we had many happy years don’t put your life on hold. I will be with you wherever you are so please don’t panic that I come with the house. It is the family that is important and that is where I am.  I still have the cross with me. Strange but I am seeing things differently now and you were right darling love does not die and just like the film says - we go on.

A thousand red roses and just one because it is one I have grown for you.  The one with the deep velvety petals and the beautiful rich aroma that says I love you and always will. ’

In drawing this gentleman he wanted me to make sure that his blue eyes were prominent and stood out and also that he was wearing a check shirt as this seemed to be important. Perhaps he was known for wearing a favourite check shirt all the time.  God bless, love Jane

woman1This psychic art portrait was drawn on the 16th July 2011. Do you recognise her?  The lady in spirit gave the names of Edith, John and Percy and a connection to Bristol. She loved animals and had many dogs in her lifetime.  Her message for one of her family left behind is:-

‘It is safe to move it will work out as it should in the end. Although there are decision to be made trust and sign the document it will be wonderful. I am safe and well and look after you.’

girl1Psychic art is different to ordinary art as it is spirit that uses the medium’s hand. Therefore, the drawings can be completely different from each other, for example, the style and character of the drawing. Some psychic art drawings can be caricatures of the person. The Psychic art portrait was drawn by Jane in a clairvoyant demonstration and workshop and although looked quite odd felt it must be a caricature. In the workshop Jane asked if anyone recognised this young woman. A voice came out from the back stating.

‘Who would?’

Another voice from the front gently spoke out and stated it was her niece. She went on to explain that her niece was anorexic and that is exactly how she looked when she died. This poor tragic soul had wasted away.

man1The psychic art portrait (left) was drawn for a clairvoyant demonstration and was recognised by a lady who stated that he was a work colleague.  Not always are the portraits drawn for the family but for others who would be at the event or would see this web page. The following psychic art portrait was recognised by the carer who was in the audience in the clairvoyant demonstration. She had helped to nurse and look after the gentleman when he was older.

man3There will be more psychic art portraits added to this page all the time so please check as there may be a member of your family in spirit here with a message from the spirit world.

If you are a spiritualist church and you would like a clairvoyant demonstration of psychic art portraits kindly contact Jane at

Psychic art portraits copyright Jane McCarthy

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