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Prayers for you

I keep a ‘Prayer List’ on a daily basis and anyone who wants prayers said for them please email me and I will put you on this list. Prayers are said for help, guidance and healing.

th_11_big02However, try talking to God yourself. God loves all of us. When someone turns to God for the first time in their lifetime it is a celebration Upstairs. Talk to God like you are talking to your father or mother or a close friend. He listens and knows everything as that spark of divinity which is within each and every one of us is the Divine Energy of God. God is energy and is contained within everything.


Please note that anyone can ask regardless of the problem as each and every one is different and what is a crisis to you may not necessarily be to someone else - just different. God bless, Jane McCarthy


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Psychic Readings UK - Prayers for You.