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Psychic Mediums work with spirit receiving messages from the spirit world. There is no guarantee that one particular spirit can come through as psychic mediums cannot call spirits to them. However, it is noted that the spirit that does come through is the one that is needed for the situation in your life at the time. Each Psychic Medium is carefully screened and tested to ensure they are capable of giving expert psychic readings.

banner208The Psychic Mediums are dedicated clairvoyants and psychics who have years of experience. Some are qualified mediums in the Spiritualist Churches.

jane103Message from Jane

(Left is a photograph of Jane at one of her clairvoyant demonstrations in a Spiritualist church - full photograph shown further down the page)

I have seen and heard spirit from my teens and I cannot undertake my psychic readings without them. They are wonderful. They are your relatives; your guides; your angels and your loved ones in spirit. They love you and want above all to see you happy and content. Remember, that the medium cannot call spirit to them.  Sometimes they come in the night prior to the reading other times in broad daylight.  However, we cannot guarantee who comes.  It is well known that the best mediums are the ones who have been through a lot of situations in their own lifetime and spirit are then able to draw on those experiences to help you through yours. Therefore, I have noticed that you usually get the correct psychic medium for your reading. We sometimes get it wrong but spirit never do.  The things they bring through are so important as it has taken a great deal of effect to get that precious message through.

I have learnt the hard way with spirit.  On one occasion, spirit told me it was going to be record breaking weather in February. February is our winter so I assumed that it would be cold. It was record breaking - it was warm!  So I never assume anything. I try not to add or delete anything just give what I get. 

In relationship problems, I usually get spirit from both sides coming to visit me to give their guidance. On one occasion, I was woke up with a start in the middle of the night only to find the spirit of a gentleman looking straight at me. He looked like the old actors in a long dark coat and hat and I was expecting him to say at any moment:-

‘Here’s looking at you kid.’

The funny thing was that the image was in all shades of gray and black.  He was not alone he had his moll with him.  Again, this girl was all in gray and black except for one thing - bright red lips. The lipstick was such a bright red and it was obviously meant as a feature. As the two characters were so dull in gray and black it made the lipstick really stand out.

banner209The next day I undertook a psychic reading and the young lady felt that her boyfriend was cheating on her. For one fleeting moment, I saw the scene from the night before and I described what I saw.  The young lady explained to me that out of all the things I could have said or seen it was the red lipstick that made it so clear to her. Apparently, her boyfriend has a big thing about women wearing bright red lipstick almost to the point of an obsession.  So you see spirit have a way of getting the message through and sometimes it is not always obvious to me as it is your message not mine.

I have undertaken church services and clairvoyant demonstrations for over twenty years and some mediumship readings stand out. They can give names, dates, addresses etc fantastic proof which leaves no doubt in your mind who has come and other times there is no proof just the ‘spot on’ help and guidance that you need.  You see, they are wonderful.

I waited over ten years for a message from my mother who had passed to spirit. However, when the message finally did come through in a Spiritualist Church there was no doubt it was my mother as the proof was so strong.


I have also noted that paranormal orb photographs are taken around the psychic medium when they are working as you can see in the orb photograph above which was taken in a church demonstration. I have worked in the Spiritualist churches for approximately 20 years and my husband takes photographs of these services, demonstrations and workshops and places the results on a laptop at the end of the demonstration etc proving no interference. God bless love jane

psychicinveban02To see the amazing results of those paranormal orb photographs visit psychic investigators (left).

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angel0214The psychic readers are gentle, caring people with years of experience who use their special gifts. Some are qualified psychic mediums who work in the Spiritualist Churches giving messages from loved ones who have passed over. Psychic Readings UK offers psychic readings by credit/Debit card (all major cards accepted) Our credit/Debit card team are available 24 hours to take your booking. They will arrange the best available psychic reader or psychic medium you have chosen to phone you back on your landline or mobile Calls cost £1.50 per minute - Psychic Readings UK

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