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Do you love yourself?

th_315_big04How can you love someone if you don’t love yourself first. We have all been hurt and who is to say that one persons hurt is more that the next person - it is just different. Do we find it hard to forgive ourselves for all those little things we do without thinking. When we look back we know that we should not have said or done that and it is far too late to say sorry. Others forgive us instantly for our indiscretions so why can’t we forgive ourselves?

We all make mistakes as nobody is perfect but we must learn to forgive our own errors and start to love ourselves again. Only when we love ourselves can we make a commitment to another and love them unconditionally.

Rose Quartz Crystal

To help the process use Rose Quartz Crystal. The gentle and caring energy of rose quartz brings self-love and self worth because when you don’t love yourself your confidence is low. By gently removing negative energies in your aura the rose quartz, when worn, will bring a feeling of contentment. Remember, that in life you reap what you sow. So, be more positive in your thoughts, your words and your deeds - let your soul shine in your reflection.

God bless Jane

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