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Karma means whatever you do in life whether good, bad or indifferent comes back on you ie what goes round comes round.

32My spirit guides are constantly giving me examples of karma as it is one of the first rules of the universe that I was taught. Karma whether in credit or debit goes through lifetimes. I have noticed over and over again how a soul mate belonging to the same soul group have come back to help another soul mate through a past life karma which was his or her fault. For example, I undertook a psychic reading for a lady who stated she had two men around her and she loved them both dearly.

‘Who should I choose?’ she asked.

I explained that I could not choose for her but both were soul mates from her soul group who had been romantically linked with her in a past life. That lifetime had caused a fear and phobia in her and it was part of their destiny to help her overcome that fear.  Once achieved, they may either stay or go as the past life karma is balanced.

The lady explained that she had a fear of flying and both men were pilots!

Sometimes it can take a lifetime for someone to get through one past life karma but it may have been the reason why the soul had decided to come back in the first place. Below is a true story of past life karma which surprised me and gave me an insight into the brutality of our past.

The Story of Penny - A Past Life Story

th_35_bigI held a circle in my house for over two years whereby I taught about past life karma and indeed a lot of my first book explains this difficult concept.

One lady, called Penny, I grew very fond of and realised that she was quite a powerful personality in past lives. In one lifetime she was a chief witch a powerful queen living in the Wiltshire area. I telephoned her knowing that she was ready to go through this most difficult experience of a past life that maybe we had both come back to learn. I suggested that we visit the area and arranged to go the next day.

The following day, arriving in Wiltshire it became fairly clear where we were meant to be. Driving through the crop fields and past the white horse which you can see on the hill in the distance we arrived just outside Avebury. The journey was very painful for me as over the past few weeks my back had started to hurt. The condition had come out of the blue and no reason for it but any bump in the road was a painful reminder that something was wrong and I made a mental note to make an appointment to see the doctor.

At the top of a hill was a burial chamber and I knew that this was where we had to be. Both Penny and I felt the shivers go right through us knowing that this was spirits way of confirming that something is ‘spot on.’ It is like someone walking over your grave it goes right through you. We were not alone. On the side of the burial mound we meditated holding a piece of aquamarine crystal in our hands. This crystal gives you the courage to go through a past life memory which perhaps is unpleasant. It is the ‘stone of courage’ bringing protection and cleanses the throat chakra facilitating communication of a high quality more than the mundane memory of past life experiences in mediation. All of a sudden, I saw a cage made of wood with a top on it. The top flew open and the trapped spirit was free. I felt elated and like a release the tears started to flow and big whoosh of energy and my backache went in a split second.

Penny was also crying but her story was slightly different. She had seen a very powerful witch queen and with her followers went into the local village in this area looking for a sacrifice. This sacrifice had to be very pure as this witch queen intended to make a very special altar. She kidnapped a young girl making sure she was a virgin, one of the purest souls of the village, and made her kneel down in a wood cage. Penny and her followers placed a huge stone altar on her back breaking it but not killing her. Penny with her tribe then proceeded to commit satanic rights on the altar of pain. How cruel. Penny explained through her tears that there was no emotion it was just a matter of fact.

th_79_bigPenny prayed to God to be forgiven. God loves us unconditionally and always forgives us but as explained to me by my guides that the Universal Law of Karma had already taken effect in this case. Penny then saw leaves - it was like she was looking down on leaves. It was not until much later that I read that the witches in that century were hung not burnt. However, they were hung upside down so all Penny would have seen if she was hung would be the leaves on the floor.

The release I had felt was the energy of karma coming back as what goes round comes round.’ I had been that girl that Penny had kidnapped in the previous life but I had instantly forgiven her already and we cried in each others arms as the memories of the horrible deed was released and forgiven. God is wise and knows that it is easier to forgive someone you love and therefore places soul mates back in the same circle of family and friends.

I forgave Penny easily as who had taught her to do such a dreadful thing in the first place!! That must have been me. What goes round comes round. My back pain never came back and I have noticed that you only feel the pain of the act around those that have done the deed and also close to the memory or timeline of the deed. Another thing I have noticed that it is only temporary until the past life karma is sorted.

The Lord’s Prayer is so correct in forgiving those that trespass against us and those that we have trespass against.

Balancing your karma in a lifetime is a wonderful experience. What it actually means is opening up the crown chackra. We go through a pathway of learning which prepares us for this stage and accepting the purple colour of the crown chakra is the final stage before becoming united with everything. God is everything. There are thousands of different colour purple but this colour purple is considered ‘The Christ’ colour.

The energies of this ‘Christ’ channel has created problems with some people when first given. For example, David Icke who had a very public initiation as he actually believed he was Jesus Christ. That is what it is like when you become part of everything and it is meant as a wonderful experience. There are many who have reached this stage and each and every one of them have a spiritual experience as part of the initiation.

On one occasion, one person was in church singing hymns and with eyes wide open the whole scene changed. No longer were there people singing hymns in a church it had changed into a series of events shown like a countdown and at the end the Tree of Life appeared. It was an amazing experience and one this person will never forget. God bless Jane

Story copyright Jane McCarthy 2009

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