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Dreams can be described as a series of thoughts, images or emotions occurring during sleep.

th_315_big07Dreams can also be described as the way the conscious part of your brain talks to the sub conscious or left part talking to the right part. In addition, some people believe it is the way the brain sorts out events that has happened into the right folder and that is why the little saying; ‘if you have a problem sleep on it’ as the brain will sort it out.

Dream Analysis

I can only go by experience in this respect and although there are some very good Dream Analysis Dictionaries, I truly believe that the best person to interpret your dream is you. If it is your sub conscious doing the guiding or spirit or even spirit guide they will all draw on yourown experiences.

For example

In one psychic reading a lady telephoned me very upset. In her dreams she was seeing mice dying on her bed. As she was dreaming of death her imagination was running riot and she thought the worst was going to happen.

I asked her what does she think of mice?

Her reply was that she hated them. The dream interpretation was easy. Death does not mean a death but the death of one part of her life and a brand new beginning. I then asked her what does she think of change. Again, she replied the same that she hated it. Her dream meant she hated change but change was coming and it doesn’t necessarily mean for the bad but for the good.

Guidance from spirit

When I undertake psychic readings I know that all forms of communication are used. One form is Telepathy - see page telepathy for more on this subject. Spirit regularly visit me in the night to guide me through a situation not for myself but for others. This is why they say the best medium is one who has been through a lot of situations in life. Spirit are able to draw on those situations to give the similar situation in the person that you are undertaking the psychic reading for.

An experienced psychic medium will understand this situation and know that the guidance is not for them but for the person they will be undertaking the psychic reading for. My little dog, Judy, sees spirit and many a time she has woken me up in the middle of the night because there is a presence in the room. This may not necessarily be any spirit or guide connected to me but the spirit around you. They are the ones who know fully the situation and indeed in relationship problems I usually get both sides coming to visit me to give their guidance on the situation.

What do the symbols mean?

th_56_big05Some are easy. Dreaming of a lion - strength. Water - emotion. If the water is calm then all is fine. If the water is choppy, emotionally that means upset. Think of what that thing, animal, emotion etc means to you. Rainbows are very symbolic and to me they mean ‘mastery’ having mastered something and the outcome is always positive. Something good coming.

Example from spirit

On one occasion, I was woken up and the spirit in the room was a gentleman who looked like the old actors in a long dark coat and hat. I looked at him and I was fully conscious expecting him to say any moment:-

‘Here’s looking at you kid.’

The funny thing was that the image was in all shades of grey and black. He was not alone he had his moll with him. Again, this girl was all in grey and black except for one thing - bright red lips. The lipstick was a very bright red and it was obviously meant as a feature and with the two characters being so dull in grey and black the lipstick really stood out.

The next day I undertook a psychic reading and the young lady felt that her boyfriend was cheating on her. For one fleeting moment, I saw the scene from the night before and I described what I saw. The young lady explained to me out all the things I could have said or seen it was the red lipstick that made it so clear to her. Apparently, her boyfriend has a big thing about women wearing bright red lipstick almost to the point of an obsession. So you see spirit have a way of getting the message through and sometimes it is not always obvious to me as it is your message not mine.

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