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The Aura or ‘chakra’ system

chakra3The chakra system as shown in the diagram (left) has seven major colours. However, the aura system contains all the colours of the rainbow but we normally work with three. One going in, one going out and one constantly there. The aura changes all the time. When we undertake a learning curve in life or study or coursework it shows in the aura as the colour silver. Therefore, there may be more than the designated three colours as silver will bring in the learning curve. If you can imagine that there are thousands of different colour blues but the one that comes in with the silver is the learning curve, for example, it could be sky blue, so the learning curve in this instance is communication. This could possibly represent the learning curve as computers as if it was to become a counsellor then the colour would be purple. Therefore, combined colours can be defined as something as well as their true colour meaning.

aura3Spirit guides have taught me the colours over the years in my readings and I have noticed that four colours represents a mini crossroads in life maybe one or two slight changes. Five or six colours represents a major crossroads and seven or more I call a ‘growth year.’  Flashing colours mean a problem area. Left is an aura photograph taken by kirlian photography. Left, is a photograph of me and you can clearly see the three colours around my head and shoulders.

Growth years are major life events and only usually occur in a person’s life two or three times. It is when people reinvent themselves which in time could be more than twelve months. It is a period of time and each and every person is different so it may take one person twelve months but it will take another say up to four years. It is the time when teenagers grow to adulthood and sort out their life for the future. I have noticed that people have growth years middle age ie menopause time. Remember that nothing in life is wasted all that you learn you can take into the next career as I have noticed that people tend to come to a full stop and completely change direction in all aspects of their life. Remember that you have free will and nothing is completely set as you can change it.

Aura Readings - Relationships

In growth years relationships are underneath a microscope and anything wrong is going to be magnified. This is a time of endings and new beginnings but does not necessary mean the relationship is going to end but it cannot stay the same. The secret is change as no one stands still in a growth year. Therefore, people can marry, divorce have babies in growth years. If there are problems in the relationship it may be a make or break time. If the relationship is stale it is time to change it and make it stronger.

76When I tune into someone I see all the colours around them - remember that there are thousands of different colour red and each one is slightly different to the next variation. The aura will show your talents and it may not be the work that you are doing at present but once I have tuned into you I can literally look into your work situation. The same with relationships, I can see where you are at the present time and once I have tuned into you and you know it I can tune into the men/women around you.

This makes it very interesting because the auras around you are usually romantically linked but once I have tuned into them I see things from their point of view and not yours.

th_32_big03Over the years, I have had some surprises. Once in the partner’s aura you can ask as many questions as you like but please remember the answers are from your partner’s point of view. It builds up a story for me on the relationship. However, I do not judge and I cannot tell you to do anything as it is always your decision. I always work in the past or present as sometimes, especially in soul mate relationships, there could be past life karma between the two people and that is why they have come together to put something right that was done wrong in the past. Maybe there is karmic debt or credit between the two people and once this is sorted out the two can part.

psychicinveban03Click left and go to page entitled ‘Dimensional Story’ for an example -Psychic Readings UK

Aura Readings Career -Psychic Readings UK

In the aura system it shows your talents and what kind of career would suit you. I have noticed that people who have the two colours of pink and lilac combined seventy percent are healers, carers, nurses or doctors. The pink shows a caring person who is sensitive and likes to help people. The lilac represents an understanding of the karmic law ‘what goes round comes round.’ Therefore, these people usually help others and put others first in a caring way.

Add the colour blue to this of communication then you have someone who likes to help others but with communication. This is a typical customer service person’s aura. If the lilac is more purple then the person is a stronger personality altogether and could possible be a social worker as they can sort people out. Purple represents the crown chakra - the mind. Therefore, these are the thinkers and analyzers in life and like to be in careers which include psychology, psychiatry or counselling. This is their natural talent and may use these skills in any way in their life. This is a leadership colour and therefore these people like to take control. However, I have noticed after undertaking thousands of readings that thirty per cent tend to be accountants or work in the financial sector. I assume it is because of the analytical skills.

I have also noticed that some people are not working with the aura skills they have and in totally different careers and there is always a reason for this. I have learnt over the years never to assume anything.

Aura readings past lives -Psychic Readings UK

th_121_big02People who have opened the door to their spiritual side often meet people who are connected to them - please see page ‘soul mates.’ In addition, they are drawn to places that are also connected to them. I have noticed that in spiritual aura readings past lives crop up because maybe this lifetime the person has come back to undertake something that was wrong in the past in order to put it right this time.

Jane4[1]In the psychic reading it will include spirit messages. I do not always see the future but spirit are wonderful and in any type of psychic reading they come in and give me those wonderful little messages that mean so much. Sometimes they can open the doorways for me to see a glimpse of the future which is set if the person carries on the same pathway. Remember, we have free will and can change anything. God bless Jane McCarthy, Psychic Readings UK

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