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Astral travel can be described as the way the soul moves around outside of the body and therefore is called ‘Out of Body Experiences’ or better known as OBEs. If you look on the page entitled ‘Soul Mates’ it tells the true story of ‘Julie’ who sees the soul as pure energy in the form of colours.

Out of body experience seen as shadows

LamaAgain, I can only go by experience. When I was going for a job interview two very close friends said they would pray and meditate at the time of the interview to help. I thought no more of it. When I was being interviewed, I saw two dark shadows in the room moving around and then disappear. My friends undertook the meditation and described what they had seen and knew that I had been successful in obtaining the job.

Remote Viewing

On another occasion, a spiritual teacher wanted to show me something in this country that had surprised him. This could be associated more with remote viewing. So he asked me to meditate at a certain time and he would do the same in his house over fifteen miles away. I agreed. At the allotted time I meditated and felt colours all around me and then the scene changed. I knew I was being taken underground and there was a huge circular doorway with all cables going through the doorway almost like a building site not quite finished.

orb102There were several people in overalls milling around but there was also others in American uniform and not British which made me think I was not in my own country. They all ignored me. However, one gentleman was coming through the tunnel doorway and looked straight at me and asked me what was I doing here. He totally surprised me as I expected him not to see me. He looked important and again in an American uniform but he was obviously a higher ranking officer. I did not feel threatened or intimidated as the feeling I got was he was just curious as to who I was and why I was there.

With a sudden jolt I knew I was back in my body and I telephoned my friend and asked him where he had taken me. To my surprise he told me Scotland and I said to him that wherever it was it was underground. Again, he confirmed that he wanted me to see that there was an underground mutual base in this country which was connected to the military which was British and American.

Story by Jane McCarthy 2009

Orb paranormal photograph copyright C. McCarthy

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